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Vol. 70  July-December 2015
Vol. 69  May-June 2015  
Vol. 68  March-April
Vol. 67  A Panoramic View of the Immensity of God’s Grace #2
Vol. 66  Why do we pray
Vol. 65  A Panoramic View of the Immensity of God’s Grace #1
Vol. 64  Special Edition Review 
Vol. 63  David: His Preparation  
Vol. 62  David: Rise, Fall & Restoration of King David
Vol. 61  David: Death of King Saul, David Shows Grace
Vol. 60  David: Saul’s Decline and Death
Vol. 59  SPECIAL EDITION – 15 Year Anniversary
Vol. 58  David: Practical Christianity
Vol. 57  David : Ministry of Encouragement
Vol. 56  David: Fakery and Fear Revisited
Vol. 55  David: Integrity and Spiritual Failure
Vol. 54  David: Escape from Saul’s Deadly Plot
Vol. 53  David: Humility Orientation
Vol. 52  David: Rugged Road to Royalty
Vol. 51  David: Saul’s Demonic Influence
Vol. 50  David: Saul Turns Against David
Vol. 49  David: David Meets Goliath
Vol. 48  David: Journey to The Throne
Vol. 47  David: God’s Choice
Vol. 46  David: Legalism vs Grace
Vol. 45  Overview of God’s Word #7
Vol. 44  Overview of God’s Word #6
Vol. 43  Overview of God’s Word #5
Vol. 42  Overview of God’s Word #4
Vol. 41  Overview of God’s Word #3
Vol. 40  Overview of God’s Word #2
Vol. 39  Overview of God’s Word #1

Vol. 38  Joseph: God’s Providence
Vol. 37  Doctrine of Salvation: Review
Vol. 36  David: The Shepard Boy
Vol. 35  David: Introduction
Vol. 34  Joseph: Amazing Promotion
Vol. 33  Joseph: God’s Faithfulness
Vol. 32  Joseph: In The Grace Furnace
Vol. 31  Joseph: Temptation and Testing
Vol. 30  Joseph: Grace Orientation
Vol. 29  Paul: Thorn of Flesh
Vol. 28  Joseph: Plot to Kill Joseph
Vol. 27  Joseph: Introduction
Vol. 26  Paul: Filling of The Holy Spirit
Vol. 25  Paul: Application of Doctrine
Vol. 24  Paul: Grace Orientation
Vol. 23  Paul: Doctrinal Orientation
Vol. 22  Paul: Saul’s Conversion
Vol. 21  Paul: Introduction
Vol. 20  Grace: Condemnation and Redemption
Vol. 19  Grace: God’s Grace Toward Israel
Vol. 18  Grace: God’s Grace Torward Abraham
Vol. 17  Grace: God’s Grace in Creation
Vol. 16  Grace: Unfailing Love of God
Vol. 15  Grace: Introduction
Vol. 14  Salvation: 40 Things Received
Vol. 13  Salvation: Adoption
Vol. 12  Salvation: Sanctification
Vol. 11  Salvation: Justification
Vol. 10  Salvation: Conversion & Regeneration
Vol. 9  Salvation: How to Obtain Salvation Cont.
Vol. 8  Salvation: How to Obtain Salvation
Vol. 7  Salvation: Man’s Efforts
Vol. 6  Salvation: An Act of God’s Grace
Vol. 5  Salvation: Sealing by The Holy Spirit
Vol. 4  Salvation: Role of The Holy Spirit
Vol. 3  Salvation: Role of God
Vol. 2  Salvation: Study Outline
Vol. 1  Salvation: Introduction