On April 5, 2016 Moses Onwubiko, GEM team along with Pastor Mark Perkins and team from Front Range Bible Church Denver visited Cuba on GEM’s first and historic visit to the country. Pastor David Gonzalez, our guide and translator, travelled from Tampa to join the team.

The church in Cuba has grown under poverty and persecution. After the Cuban revolution people were indifferent to Christianity. However, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, their support and imported goods ended resulting in acute suffering. People had no where to turn to but to God, leading to an explosion of the church but with few trained pastors to feed the flock. There is, therefore, a need for training of pastors.

The team was welcomed with open arms and great enthusiasm by believers. Following a 2 day pastor’s conference, there was two speaking sessions in church on Sunday. Teenagers and children were not left out and had teaching sessions also. GEM visited large churches and small churches but many meetings of believers are held in homes.

The devotion and faithfulness of believers in Cuba through difficult times is very encouraging.