Miracle In Amaba, Nigeria
Debby Hagar

This was called The Mother of All Miracles.  It took place in Amaba, Nigeria – Moses’ village, where missionaries from Canada have been using the residence Moses built as an orphanage.

Orphans in Mission Home Summer 2016


miracle2The home, which sits inside a walled compound, was given to them rent free with the missionaries providing upkeep and being allowed to make any needed improvements. Over the past 10 years they have added a larger septic tank, built a few outbuildings, a chicken coup and most recently they drilled a borehole (well) to provide water for the orphanage. A gigantic elevated structure was built to support 3 or 4 large water tanks carrying over 12, 000 litres of water.



John, Moses’ brother, reported that the structure holding the water tanks came crashing down! God orchestrated it so that the catastrophic collapse occurred in the middle of the night when everybody was sleeping. He went on to describe what he called The Mother of All Miracles!



If the structure had fallen toward the front, it would have brought down the residence with all the children. If it had fallen backward, the fence would have been taken down. If it had fallen to the right or left, the soak away (septic tank) or the poultry and the adjacent outbuildings would have been destroyed. And had it happened during the daytime, it would have been disastrous because people, especially children play and work all around the compound.


miracle8None of these scenarios happened because the Almighty God intervened and displayed His power, grace and mercy. The structure twisted and the tanks fell neatly between the building and the soak away without even a scratch. It fell towards the gate with such force that it blew it open even though the gate was securely bolted and locked with big padlocks. The water was directed out through the now open gate to the road, away from the property, the safest place for it to go. This is the greatest of all miracles.

If that was not enough, it is in the very compound that the cooking for the 3,000 plus guests for Moses’ mum’s celebration of life and funeral was planned to take place. Can you imagine what kind of funeral it would have been if the orphans and their caretakers had perished in the house? The Lord is indeed good!

John’s parting words were “We can’t thank Him enough. Continue to hold tightly to your God for He’s really fighting our battles. May honor, adoration, glory and praise be ascribed to Him for ever and ever, in Jesus name.”