Greetings Moses,

My prayers are with you and your ministry. I first heard of you many years ago in RI. I have many of your books and share your ministry with people in Ghana and Nigeria. However, everyone knows of Moses from Africa, the man who teaches of God. Even my friends here in the U.S. who escaped Liberia and Sierra Leone to refugee camps all say “Ah, Moses, we know of Him.” I just wanted to say I am glad to see your ministry prospering and I will continue to pray for you always.

In Christ’s love,
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My mom has traveled with Moses as a children’s missionary teacher. She showed me the links to Moses on YouTube. I have watched many of them and have learned so much. The Holy Spirit is very powerful in Moses. He is definitely effectively using the gift that he has been given. He is prepared and it shows. I pray for him. If you have a prayer request please let me know.

I great you in the Lord Jesus-Christ. I am so happy that I found you. I have put my faith alone in Christ alone and my desire is to grow in the grace of God and have my life transformed by the gospel.

I am a member of University Bible Group. I hope you will be very helpful in my life by your doctrine that I love so much. I have just read 5 of your books such as God’s Plan After Salvation, Overview of God’s Grace and Focus on Christian Marriage.

University Student

I was prompted to write you when I was watching the video on “Sanctification.” Moses’ teaching was so beautiful and accurate I couldn’t help but think his teaching gift would make a wonderful way to reach out to our community.

Georgia, US

I ordered Moses’ book on James and started reading it…I was only in about 10 pages and was amazed at what I had learned, so I can’t wait to finish it.