Looking at the enthusiastic crowd of up to 60 people who gathered for the messages, one would never have guessed that Hungary was an evangelistic outreach that almost did not happen for concerns over low attendance. Not only did they show up, some people followed from venue to venue.

To everyone’s surprise, leaders from other churches also came. The small number was not a deterrent. Not willing that any should miss out, Tayo visited Hungary while Moses and Bruce visited Ukraine. Little did we know that God had hand picked Tayo because the Hungarians fell in love with him. Most had never before seen a black man and they were fascinated by this gentle black giant who came to teach them the truth in love.

Everywhere Tayo went people were excited to see him. He received a free haircut from the barber along with a plea for a picture with him. Everyone wanted their picture with him. Two different families hosted Tayo for meals and insisted that never again was he to stay in a hotel – their homes are open to him. God knew what these people needed. We see that God can use anything to draw people to Himself.

Tayo had a chance to visit with the board of elders of the church. This provided a chance to open dialogue, resulting in much forgiveness and healing. This was an huge answer to prayer Pastor, Csaba, our host, said the GEM visit brought great joy to his heart and his family. He and the
congregation felt much revived. Casaba and his wife were almost in tears as Tayo was leaving.

Future ministry partnerships were discussed and Pastor Casaba arranged a meeting for Tayo with the head of the Baptist union in Budapest who is a strong evangelical Christian too. Let’s see what God is about to do!