Pastor Paul reported from Yangon, Myanmar:

The Lord blessed our services. People’s lives were transformed after hearing from Moses. His teaching is more unique than last year. God brought more people than we imagined. Everybody was happy and encouraged by Moses’ message. To God be the glory.

Food was prepared for 100 – when 130 attended a woman fed the remaining 30 – at no charge! She said is was her donation to the ministry. Many others are joining hands to contribute in other ways. We thank God for their heart to join together for the sake of the gospel!

I would like you to know how the Spirit was leading and blessing our Seminar in Yangon. On 03 June 2015 it was hot! We worried about the weather for the upcoming days of the seminar. People went home and prayed to God to control the the next three day’s climate. God answered our prayers. That night, there was rain and the climate became cool.

On the second day, the program started at 8:00 am. The teaching was excellent and dynamic. All the people’s lives were transformed and the message was clear through Moses’ teaching and explaining. However, the electricity was gone and it was becoming hot.

I again prayed to God to control the climate. During lunch, heavy rains came and the climate was changed from hot to cool. To God be the glory. But then I was concerned about the rain. Rev. Moses said, “Paul, do not worry about this rain, it will stop when we are ready for learning His Word.” Just as Moses said, the rain stopped when we finished our lunch. Praise the Lord for that. The climate was cool and we were able to continue our program.

How the Lord has been good and faithful to us. God is going to change many things in Myanmar through Rev. Moses & GEM.

Praise the Lord for who He is and what He did. Everybody is happy and satisfied. God blessed our four day seminar for His glory and honor. All were encouraged and changed by Moses’ teaching. People like to sit and listen to him – we have been blessed by Rev. Moses’ teaching. Most people are asking me for “Who Are You” in Burmese. People, including me, are interested to teach others from “Who Are You.”

Thank you GEM for all you are doing and for your efforts for Myanmar. I hope God is going to change us, our family, and our nation through Moses’ message.

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Pastors’ Conferences | Myanmar
Pastors’ Conferences | Myanmar
Pastors’ Conferences | Myanmar
Pastors’ Conferences | Myanmar