The May 2016 conference venue was half an hour from town (and the town 5 hours from the airport!) On the way the team passed through terrain that reminded one “the Valley of Death.” Then they had to climb a long, narrow, steep hill. They prayed at the bottom and cheered when they finally reached the top.

Pastors came from far, some having traveled up to five hours. Moses told them he was reminded of Cornelius – how the Lord sent Peter to him and his family in an out of the way place because He knew their need. Moses asked how would he wind up in this obscure place with pastors who endured much to hear the Word if it were not of God? The room erupted in a cheer!

Pastor Vidal reports:
“The 42 pastors and leaders attending the conference are very excited. We had five sessions in two days”. After dinner the pastors had a prayer meeting and reflected on the conference, one of the pastors said they want to invite Rev. Moses to speak in a national annual pastors meeting.