May, 2015 Rev. Moses visited Indonesia, the most Islamic country in the world. On Sunday he visited a church to speak. It had previously suffered attack. The members still meet, but with security. Through all this, the believers are concerned with getting the gospel to others.

Rev. Moses spoke about the mandate of the great commission and the Holy Spirit – the power behind the gospel. On the first day of the Pastor’s Conference they were so excited because they heard something NEW. They learned of the Deity of Christ! They learned of the Hypostatic Union in relation to the Trinity! They knew something was missing, but they didn’t know where to look for what they did not know. Now, their gratitude is overflowing! Moses reminded them of 2 Chronicles 16:9, “The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.”

They asked Moses to visit again next year, saying: “It is amazing how Moses draws us into the Bible to see just who Jesus is. Before this topic was confusing, but now it is so clear and easy to understand”

From the second venue Pastor Hizkia reported: “Praise the Lord for what God is doing in our two day seminar. Pastor Moses taught about sanctification. The teaching was so clear and basic with its foundation in the Bible, that it changed the wrong concept held by most of the pastors and leaders. Mostly people think that for sanctification they must do many things to gain this holy position. But through the teaching they now really know it is only by faith alone in Christ alone. This teaching is very new but easy to understand and not complicated.”






Pastors’ Conferences | Indonesia
Pastors’ Conferences | Indonesia