The first evening Moses went out into the countryside to visit the farmers who have neither time nor money to come into the city for the program. They are just beginning to understand in whom they have believed––that Jesus Christ is GOD! Moses could see the relief on their faces as they understood that they are secure in Christ. After a long hard day these men stayed up till after midnight, excited to hear Bible teaching.

God provided the stamina for the rigorous schedule. One day Moses taught two double sessions––two in the morning and two in the evening. With each session the numbers grew and everyone felt that something special was happening. In fact they were so excited they gave a standing ovation at the end of the message, saying “next year, next year.” We know that was in response to the truth setting them free. Sunday, Moses visited two churches. First one and then a rush to the second––in the door and straight to the podium!

The “hotel ministry” was also quite active – many people asking for “Pastor Moses.” One man delivered fruit to Moses’ room to start a conversation. He continued to bring new fruit each day so they could talk about the message of the Bible and salvation. On the last day the man asked for two more copies of “Riding the Death Train” to share with others––and a Bible for himself!

On the final day Moses and the team visited the head of the churches for this region. Many assistants accompanied him which was a sign of respect. They had a wonderful meeting and look forward to ministry together next year.

Moses later attended a dinner prepared in his honor which turned into a three hour Bible class! He returned to the hotel in the wee hours of the morning––tired but overjoyed for the fantastic response to God’s Word. We pray for the point men who are interested in getting publications into their languages.

We praise God for His open doors and welcoming hearts and thank everyone for praying with us!