January 2016 Moses arrived Lebanon barely knowing what to expect. Our friends in Ethiopia had linked us with an interpreter in Lebanon.
In 30 years nothing like this had ever happened.
On the first night Moses walked into the hall for the conference and there with only women, about 200 of them, not one single man.
He felt very strongly that the Lord had led him there.
But Moses wondered – “Lord – who are the people you have called me to minister to?” He remembered Paul — getting the call to “come over here and help us” and upon arrival he wondered “who are they…and where are they?” Paul’s searched and found only some women praying.

Moses began teaching the women about Christ, His uniqueness and the importance of the virgin birth. They were all dumbfounded – having never heard any such truth. After an evening of teaching, praying and more teaching – everyone knew they Lord had sent Moses to them.
Many were saved and anxious to hear more.

Many asked for more teaching and meetings and gatherings for questions. They had grown weary of people coming to give this program and that – offering no Bible teaching.

Now they know God has heard their prayer and answered their hearts desire.