Moses met with church leaders the day before the conference began. The conference topic was “The Impact of the Gospel on a Nation.” This topic engaged both believers and unbelievers. One couple had traveled 60 miles and therefore had planned to come to only one session. After hearing the first session they decided to travel back each day.

With crises all around, what people need is the Prince of Peace. They began to understand the clear and simple gospel message…and were so excited! Eyes were opened and the people rejoiced!

The conference ended with everyone begging for just one more day. Moses focused on the two gospels––the written one and the one revealed through the life of the believer.

Even in a country where people may not be able to verbally give the gospel, the believer’s life should be a witness. They should stand out––in a good way!


One man said that for the first time he really understood that Jesus Christ is God.

Another man reported that his pastor had been helping him but he still felt that something was missing. After hearing the teaching he has gained the missing piece and is now whole.