A Pastors’ Conference was held for three days. Moses established the importance of a sound spiritual life showing the relationship of the spiritual life of the believer to the state of a nation.

Pastor Bruce spoke on forgiveness, that which we receive and the forgiveness we should extend to others. The messages were well received. A woman shouted a big ” thank you” from her seat as Moses was rounding up. Many expressed their gratitude for the teachings.

A group of delegates asked if they could get the messages in their Romanian language. Thank God that all sessions were recorded. When a leader drove the GEM team home, he humbly asked many questions
about the teaching, saying he wanted to teach it to his church accurately.

Rev. Tayo joined the GEM team who also met with RESO (acronym meaning “reaching southern Romania with the gospel” in the Romanian language). The RESO team shared their vision and all prayed together,
with Tayo giving the devotion.

The ultimate testimony of the trip was given when the senior pastor and team leader of the missionary team stood up after the conference and said, “Indeed you have proclaimed the Word of God to us.” Thank you very much indeed for journeying in prayer with us to Eastern Europe.