Our host Paul reports:
We have been blessed by Moses and Bruce’s visit to Lviv, Ukraine. They held a three day conference on “The Impact of the Spiritual Life on a Nation,” which is a big question on Ukrainians’ minds these days.

As the world around us blames this government or that politician, it was a breath of fresh air to have someone propose the idea that what Ukraine is really lacking is the spiritual life.

People from all over the country came out and it was a wonderful time of learning and fellowship. In addition to the conference, Rev. Moses and Pastor Bruce spoke in our church on Sunday and had a special breakfast and teaching time on Monday with some students who are preparing to start their own ministry.

We are looking forward to translating “Riding the Death Train” into Ukrainian (it is better than any other tract I’m aware of in Ukrainian), and we hope to see the GEM team again in the future.
Thank you for doing what you do!

The GEM team was also happy to be visited by Pastor Jim Meyers and his wife from Word of Faith Bible College in Kiev. We need to pray for the people of Ukraine – we do not realize what those who lack good teaching endure.

One woman told Moses after the program that never before had she known that Jesus Christ was born without an Old Sin Nature. She knew He never sinned but she did not understand the implications of the virgin birth.