A Worldwide Missionary Organization

Evangelize, Educate, Encourage

2024 Mission Trips & Outreach

Middle East

April 14 – 30

GEM Summer Conference

June 21-23


Zimbabwe – Nigeria

July 12-31



October 14-31



December 12-23


Texas Churches

September 21- 30


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Grace Evangelistic Ministries is a Bible based nondenominational missionary organization. We are not a church. GEM was founded in 1997 by Moses C.Onwubiko. Evangelism is our primary goal and we take the grace gospel of Jesus Christ around the world anywhere God opens a door.


GEM Evangelizes the lost, educates pastors and encourages believers. Rev. Moses has spoken in almost 100 countries around the world in Africa, Asia, (including the Middle East), Australia, Europe and North and South America. He has published 16 books and five tracts which are distributed free of charge. The gospel tract Riding the Death Train has been translated into many languages and received enthusiastically around the world.



People watching sermon

Evangelize the lost

Hold open-air crusades, distribute tracts in hotels, airports, restaurants, shops, visit prisons, or any other venue the Lord provides for us.
Man preaching to people

train indigenous pastors

Seminars in their native language. Distribution of free books. Provision of seminars in DVD form.

teach children

In schools, at churches, under trees, anywhere the Lord provides.
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encourage believers

Visit churches, attend radio interviews, interact one on one and hold Pastors’ Conferences.
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prison outreach

Send literature and daily Bible verse calendars.