Your prayer request will be held in strict confidence. G.E.M. will bring your request before the Throne of Grace.



• For the many open doors around the world.
• For protection and acceptance for GEM team as they travel.
• For desire for truth in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East.
• For the knowledge that Jesus Christ controls history.
• For the hunger for Riding The Death Train in Asia.



• Open doors and travel logistics and resources for 2019/2020.
• Protection of staff and International Representatives.
• Divine provision and support for missionaries desiring full-time work in the field.
• Additional qualified laborers for the mission field and mission work and ministry support team.
• Energy, wisdom, and discernment for G.E.M.’s God-assembled team.
• Office staff, volunteers, supporters and their families.
• G.E.M. publications: writing, editing, publishing, distribution.
• G.E.M. Training department development
• G.E.M. website: development and content.
• Partners and supporters:
– For the sick or terminally ill and their care givers.
– Comfort for those who have lost loved ones.
– Protection and growth for their businesses.
– That God would continue to sustain and bless them.
– Land in Abuja, Nigeria, for G.E.M. Africa Headquarters.


• President and leaders, for wisdom and guidance.
• For Godly men and women to be elected and appointed.
• Protection of U.S. military.
• The U.S.A. for a great revival, peace, and freedom from terrorism.
• Bible-teaching pastors and their ministries.
• Awakening of churches and their return to the Bible.
• Prison and youth ministries: for open doors and changed hearts.


• World leaders (Daniel 2:21, 1 Timothy 2:1–2)
• Protection of Israel, God’s chosen people and peace in Jerusalem (Genesis 12:3).
• Peace in D.R. Congo, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe and the Middle East.
• Indigenous pastors: that God will equip them in every way.
• Salvation of unbelievers.
• The spiritual growth of new believers.
• Protection for Christians persecuted for their faith.
• International translations of GEM publications: accuracy and supply.
• Provision for thousands of Riding The Death Train tracts to fill requests in Asia and Africa.